The app that lets you film, watch and stream amateur sport live events.

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Now you never have to miss the games that really matter. Watchem enables you to easily film and watch amateur sport live events around the world.

Simply create an event, start filming, and give anyone who can’t make the game the chance to support the team on the go.

Search for events and 'like' anything you want to receive a notification on to let you know when filming starts so you don’t miss a thing.

Set markers whilst filming so everyone watching can skip to the best bits. You can even select to replay the last 10 seconds in slow motion.

If you need to pause for any reason whilst watching live you can return to that pause point or back to live streaming - it’s your choice.

When watching live, scroll down for the option to select other live streams for a different angle or alternate commentary.

All recordings are stored and can be viewed for up to a week after recording.

Score in front of the world.